12 Smithfield Street, London

A 150,000 square foot mixed use, retail and corporate headquarters building, located immediately to the south of Smithfield Market in the City of London. The building is bringing much-needed modern and attractive commercial space to market.

The building has eight floors; six above ground level and two below. A glazed central atrium floods natural light into the core of the building, and also fulfils its main circulatory functions.

The office fit out provides an auditorium, meeting room suites, and an IT suite in addition to open plan office accommodation. At ground floor level, large retail units enliven the street scene and a hydraulic lift provides access to a basement car park.

Careful consideration enabled the team to design out the need for compartmentation of the office space, smoke ventilation of the atrium or sprinklers in the offices; usually standard solutions in the City. The design approach taken reduces both capital costs and costs in use.

The building is ventilated and cooled using a standard four pipe fan coil system and the building is clad in bronze anodised aluminium and natural Portland stone creating an appealing aesthetic externally.