Alcatel-Lucent, Greenwich

Acatel-Lucent is a world-leading manufacturer of undersea telecommunications systems, this project refurbishes and extends their facility on the Greenwich peninsula, transforming the quality of the production, clean room and office spaces and adds a new reception and café area.

The investment strengthens Acatel-Lucent- Lucent’s global technical lead and assists in attracting and retaining the highest quality staff. Much of the production is carried out in tightly controlled clean room conditions by highly skilled technicians.

Key criteria include improving the first impressions of the facility, creating a café/meeting space as a new heart to the building, show off Alcatel-Lucent’s capabilities to visiting customers using the “housing” process as a key demonstration area, create new open plan office spaces linked to the heart space and reduce energy and other in-use costs.

The external appearance of the whole building will be transformed with increased areas of glazing, a timber glulam structure combined with aluminium bris soleil is a particularly exciting figurative element added to the Western frontage.