Aston CSC, Rotherham

Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council initiated a programme to open six new customer service centres across the borough. The first, the flagship civic building in central Rotherham, was completed in 2005. The second opened at Swinton in 2006 and the third in Dinnington in 2007. The centres have been a huge success in improving public access to council services in an informal, modern and efficient way.

The project in Aston showcases the concept of the joint service centre to offer a single point of contact for local authority services and also for a wider range of community services including a new health centre, pharmacy and library. This facility, a local landmark in crisp black and white brickwork, also embodies current thinking on sustainable design, taking advantage of natural light, super-insulation, heavy thermal mass, natural ventilation and renewable energy technology in the form of a roof-mounted photovoltaic array to generate electricity. This £7m building, comprising 2,500 square metres of accommodation.