Broadgate Beeston, Nottingham

A residential development on Broadgate in Beeston, near the University of Nottingham. The site currently accommodates a large two-storey detached house. 

The proposal is to create 3 blocks of residential accommodation, comprising twelve small starter homes, with a mix of one-bedroom and two bedroom units. The units will be ideal for first-time buyers due to an economical design based on four-unit cluster blocks with minimised internal circulation spaces. However, the combination of private gardens, external front doors, upper floor bedrooms and avoidance of noise transfer issues associated with stacked flats, endows them with all the advantages of houses but at a more affordable price.

The combination of good quality buff brickwork with naturally-coloured horizontal timber cladding to the feature gables and spandrel panels will create an aesthetic that is at once eye-catching and contemporary yet also soft and domestic. The use of timber as a material will sit appropriately within the context of the existing mature trees, enhancing the natural feel of the site.