Cavendish Road, Nottingham

The Cavendish Road project is a Housing Association development on a former pub site in Carlton, to the east of Nottingham. The sloping site has a frontage onto Cavendish Road on the west side, and is surrounded by an existing residential area on all other sides. The design accommodates 41 new dwellings.

The housing comprises a mix of two- and three-bedroom houses and one-bedroom apartments, all designed to comply with the ‘HQI’ space and amenity standards required for Housing Association stock. The range of housetypes includes 3-storey and 2 storey semi-detached and terraced units, all accessed via a new traffic-calmed road layout.

Wherever possible the existing trees have been retained and enhanced with new planting, to create an attractive environment and to screen the development from neighbouring houses. Both the houses and the apartment block combine contemporary buff-coloured brickwork with feature bays in white render to give a bright and cheerful appearance. Careful coordination of the housing blocks in relation to the road layout ensures that they always address the street scene with positive, articulated frontages.