East Midlands ATC and Departure Lounge

Commissioned to design the new air traffic control tower and radar approach facility at East Midlands Airport, following on from the terminal development. The project was built on the land-side/air-side boundary, with baggage handling routes passing through the centre of the site. Operations had to be continuous.

The 50 metre tower has a slip-formed concrete stem, which was erected in 10 days. It contains a lift, stair, and two separate service ducts, enabling avionics and building services to be kept separate.

The sub-cab was constructed at ground level for reasons of safety and quality control. It was then hoisted to the top of the tower in six hours using four hydraulic strand jacks. The VCR has 28mm triple laminated, tinted and heated glass, with silicone joints and no mullions. This gives a virtually uninterrupted, 360 degree view of the airfield circuit, aprons and taxiways.

There is a large service zone below the VCR floor, accessed from a lowered floor area in front of the ATC desks. This enables work to be carried out with minimal disruption to controllers.

East Midlands also comissioned an £8m project for their depature lounge. The was completed in 34 weeks, and won the DoE Quality in Construction Award for 1997. Some 32 new check-in desks were provided in a new concourse area, which had to connect with the existing departures facilities.

Behind the check-in desks is a 4,000 square metre baggage handling area which has two racetrack systems and the option to add a third if required.