Greater Nottingham NHS LIFT

LIFT stands for Local Improvement Finance Trust and is a government initiative to supplement investment in health and social care premises. The Greater Nottingham LIFTCo will be developing health, social care and local authority premises in partnership with local public sector organisations over the next 25 years. It is a limited company with three major share holders. ExcellCare is the private sector partner, holding 60% of the equity, and Partnerships for Health (a branch of the Department of Health) holds 20%. The remaining 20% is jointly held by five local public sector organisations - Broxtowe and Hucknall, Gedling, Nottingham City, Rushcliffe Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) and Nottingham City Council.

The public sector will produce an annual strategic service development plan which sets out the vision for primary and community health, social care and council services in the area.