Queens Medical Centre QMC

Pharmacy Quality Control Unit, Queen's Medical Centre

The Pharmacy Quality Control Unit (PQCU) at QMC is a 640m² extension at roof level to provide new laboratories for the quality testing of pharmacological products manufactured at QMC and elsewhere. It replaces an outdated facility at Nottingham City Hospital.

The unit with a value of approximately £1.25M is being procured by means of the Procure 21 route. It was put out for expressions of interest to Procure 21 approved contractors. Medicinq – a consortium incorporating Simons of Lincoln and others – were successful in being appointed and CPMG are part of their team.

The logistics of building on the roof at QMC are considerable. To help this, CPMG, working with the other consultants and Simons, have designed a simple lightweight building, with easily handled components.

In planning the building, CPMG took account of environmental issues and designed it with the corridor on the south wall. This acts as a buffer zone to the temperature controlled labs.