Riverbank Building, Stafford College

Stafford College will benefit from a new teaching facility on the town centre campus offering a suite of courses within beauty, catering and hospitality sectors, as well as leisure facilities for the public.

The design sits comfortably on the same site as the Grade II listed Tenterbanks Building and a newly-landscaped area forming the heart of the campus. The building incorporates beauty therapy and spa facilities, catering and hospitality, a Learning Resource Centre, IT suites and dining facilities for students and the public.

The design sensitively incorporates the new learning facility with the historic fabric of Tenterbanks Building and houses a new entrance reinforced by the location of the new Learning Resource Centre (LRC). The LRC overlooks a new atrium space created between the ‘hidden elevation of Tenterbanks’ and the new floorplate, establishing a unique and dramatic space at the heart of the college.

 The accommodation features high levels of glazing to the elevations surrounding areas for public use, including the café, restaurant and beauty salons. These areas are located at ground floor level, with independent entrances from the campus heart and the public realm.