WEBS Training Academy, Beeston, Nottingham

WEBS Training Ltd is a national provider of quality apprentice and adult training for the furniture and associated industries. Its new academy represents a more effective use of space, allows expansion of its core business activity and enables latest technologies and equipment to be incorporated.

This £2.2m development combines refurbishment and new build on the existing WEBS Academy site in Beeston. It provides approximately 1,950 square metres of high quality teaching, office and workshop space. It replaced old, outdated buildings which could not offer the quality of space required.

Holly Mill, a late Victorian lace mill, was completely refurbished. Only the four principal walls were kept. The roof profile was changed to allow for the insertion of a mezzanine. The aim was to provide light and airy workshop spaces allowing apprentices to develop their skills. In front of Holly Mill was a 1960s office building which was in poor condition and not large enough to meet the needs of WEBS. This was demolished and replaced with 700 square metres of high quality teaching, office and facilities space.