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Interior Design.

We believe interior design is the skilful expression of function, aesthetics & identity

Our design philosophy focuses on the creative synthesis of culture and vision, space and wellbeing. We believe that interior design should be sensitive to the quality and integrity of its architecture.

We listen to our clients to understand their culture, identity and their aspirations for change and improvement. Our cross sector experienced interior design team provides an innovative approach, pushing boundaries to achieve interior environments of originality and longevity, creating engaging spaces where people want to live, work, learn and relax.

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Interior Design Services

  • Bespoke Joinery
  • Space Planning
  • Finish Specifications
  • Workplace Strategy
  • Furniture Procurement
  • Space Analysis
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Creating Human Spaces.

We’re here to think creatively and make a difference.

You, your people and your brief are completely unique and our team of interior designers and space planners will work with you to create engaging and creative spaces.

Workplace Consultancy.

Our [work]place consultancy starts by getting to know you

The [work]place strategy starts by getting to know you, your organisation, your aspirations, how you operate, the space you operate in and how all these elements influence your functional brief. Then we will develop the design and with our integrated team of architects, interior designers and space planners to ensure that your space is a place where people achieve their best.
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Cpmg Interior Design Nottingham
Our [work]place consultancy can help with goals for wellbeing and productivity (the rate of output per unit of input). They rely on much more than an efficient working environment; they rely on motivation too. It’s imperative that we put people first: it’s all about you and the three aspects of your life at work which contribute to wellbeing, motivation and so, productivity.
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