‘Green’ future for Thames Gateway

Working with Nottingham engineers Millward, helped to gain planning consent for an energy from waste plant which is being built at the London Sustainable Industries Park in Dagenham for Chinook Urban Mining.

The plant is designed to process 180,000 tonnes of residual commercial and domestic waste per year. It will generate 19mw of electricity, of which 14mw will be exported to the national grid – enough to power 30,000 homes for a year. It uses the innovative RODECS ® technology to generate synthetic gas which is used to create electricity.

The site, which has an area of 3.35 ha, lies between the Channel Tunnel Rail Link and the River Thames and has had a variety of uses, including sewage treatment and concrete manufacture for the rail tunnel. The total area of the buildings is around 9000 sq m. This includes a waste reception hall, processing area, offices, control rooms and an area for the sorting of residual waste.