Green Light For Wakefield Waste

Kier Infrastructure and Overseas have completed the development of Wakefield Waste; a project that will process and recycle all the domestic waste from the Wakefield area and reduce the amount sent to landfill.

The South Kirkby facility processes residual, garden waste and kerb-side collected recyclables for recycling. Wakefield Waste uses an anaerobic digestion plant to generate gas, which in turn is used to generate electricity via CHP. There is also an on-site Household Waste Recycling Centre, offices and a visitor centre.

There are four smaller sites in the area providing Household Waste Recycling. The operator, Shanks, expects to be fully operational in the autumn of 2016. We have worked on the project for over ten years, taking it from the earliest of feasibility studies, through master planning of all the sites and the design of individual buildings.

Continuing to work in the waste sector and is currently working with Millward on the design of an EFW plant in Dagenham for Chinook Urban Mining.