Nott Forgotten 2016

The NDSA (Nottingham and Derby Society of Architects), in collaboration with RIBA and the Creative Quarter, present ‘Nott Forgotten’; a Design Challenge which seeks to re-imagine ‘forgotten’ sites within the city of Nottingham.

This year’s ‘Not forgotten’ challenge aims to shine a spotlight on problem sites within the historic Lace Market area of Nottingham and, through an open design competition, transform one of these sites via the introduction of a built architectural intervention.

Due for release in early November 2016 the brief will be shared online via YouTube, Facebook and Twitter with the aim of reaching as broad a spectrum of creatives as possible, providing a truly inclusive platform for entrants.

Nott Forgotten is also engaging with local schools, colleges and both the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University who have included the design challenge in their academic programmes.

In early 2017 there will be an exhibition of all the submitted ideas which will also be displayed online. We will invite the public to vote for their favourite idea from the shortlisted proposals and decide on the winning scheme. This will then be taken forward by an enabling team to construction where it is hoped the winning installation will be in place for at least 12 months.

This is a great opportunity to for you to showcase your ideas and potentially make your mark on the City of Nottingham. If this sparks an interest or if you would like to hear more, please follow us on our Twitter or Facebook pages for further details and releases.

Facebook: Nottingham and Derby Society of Architects (NDSA)

Twitter: @Nott_Forgotten