Compères and Co-Sponsors at Hot Property

As well as co-sponsoring the event, our own Chris White, alongside Ashley Cowdrey of CPW, were compères for the night.

"We were asked to compère on the back of our stand-up performances last year," said Chris. "It was a totally different experience and opened my eyes to the amount of work and effort that goes into the event. The amount of time that all of the performers put into practising for the night was impressive and shows a level of care and commitment you don't realise when you're in the audience."

Support for the event goes from strength to strength and it is believed that enough money was raised to send several children to Lapland. "It's a fun and boozy event and a lot of fun," continued Chris, "but it has a serious objective in raising money for worthwhile causes. I'm proud to have been involved with the event and credit to all of the performers on the night."