MIPIM 2018 Countdown

With just 252 days until MIPIM 2018 I thought it was about time I captured my own thoughts on the validity and importance of the ‘Greatest Property Show on Earth’. It was the first time I had attended the event and I’ve now had time to reflect how this year’s event went and measure the real value to our business.

I’ve attended a lot of post-MIPIM breakfasts, lunches, evening events, one-on-one meetings and the MIPIM WhatsApp group I was kindly added to continues to command the collective attention of several attendees.

We are regular attendees at MIPIM, but this year I attended as a London delegate. Our London office is becoming more established now as we’ve taken larger premises and continue to steadily grow the team.

Partner with other organisations for maximum impact 
We secured space on the RIBA (hyperlink to RIBA website) stand in the London Pavilion, which was an excellent profile raiser for us, as well as supporting Team Nottingham again as it’s where our HQ is based. Having secured several jobs from our London office in the last few years the RIBA stand gave us a London base from which to arrange meetings and showcase our capabilities.

Having three directors from the same business attend enabled us to cover a fair amount of ground. I found myself spending my mornings at the London Pavilion, and then attending pre-arranged one-on-one meetings, networking lunches, evening events and after all that it was time for bed.

Getting real value for money from MIPIM 
I admit to having been slightly apprehensive about the whole event; the trip costs a significant amount of money and you want to ensure you get real value. For me, I found that the week was full-on but relaxed – I know that sounds a little bit of a contradiction, but for me I found that MIPIM represented ‘true networking’ and balanced planned follow-ups and introductions with incidental meetings and the chance to make new contacts. ‘True networking’ if you’ll allow me to coin the phrase, is when it happens.

Top tips for MIPIM Virgins 
Advice received from non MIPIM virgins stood me in good stead to ensure I achieved value from the event:

1. make sure you eat properly and regularly
2. pace yourself
3. pre-plan a programme of events to ensure you use your time usefully
4. drink plenty of water
5. don’t get sunstroke
6. don’t stay up until 4am in the morning (I only did that twice)
7. don’t go in too hard on the first day (erm…)

Don’t be noticed by your absence 
But all in all, the opportunity to establish new contacts and further cement existing ones has proved invaluable. I’d often heard that you were noticed by your absence, or that those contacts you’d be trying to meet for the previous 12 months with no success would be available and ready to talk to you – both of these proved to be truisms.

Always follow up post MIPIM with the contacts you made 
Such was my own experience that I am actively recommending attendance to my business associates – the value isn’t as intangible as I first thought it would be. Whilst it may not lead directly to work, the wider added value is measured through various means and all I can say is, this post was originally intended to be out in April; fortunately I’ve been dealing with post-MIPIM follow ups since I got back.