CPMG comes of age

This year CPMG turns 21. But, like most of those who are actually a little older, when asked, we still say we’re 21. In truth, our origins go back to the 1970s and 1980s when our parents hadn’t yet come together. CPMG as we now know it was born in 1997 to parents James McArtney and Crampin & Pring.

So like all 21st birthdays, it was cause for a celebration!

Taking over a full carriage on East Midlands trains, we headed to the finest capital in the world – London. The sun shone and faces gradually glowed on our three hour bespoke luxury charter cruise along the Thames. We enjoyed drinks and canapés on deck, adorned with CPMG balloons, bunting and our very own ensign. Travelling from Tower Bridge to Canary Wharf and returning to Westminster, we patted ourselves on the back for jobs well done at HMS Belfast, Hays Galleria, The O2 Intercontinental and Alcatel Lucent.