CPMG at ​MIPIM 2019

March 2019 welcomes several perennial events and moments; the culmination of the Six Nations, the smell of the first grass cuttings …and MIPIM.

This will be my third trip to Cannes representing CPMG. So, what have I learnt and how is it best to prepare for the largest property show on earth?

As a business we have attended for many years; since the launch of our London office in 2016 we now have a dual strategic approach to our attendance at events. Inevitably there is crossover between our local, regional and national visibility – the London market can in itself provide a MIPIM-full itinerary, which is exactly what I aspire for to supplement our wider business objectives.

This year will be the first time I will travel by train on the aptly named Cannes Cannes Express, setting off from St Pancras at 10:30am and arriving in the south of France at around 8pm local time. I’ve heard some stories, such as an unwritten rule that as we pass through the various wine regions a glass from that particular region is generally tolerated. I’m quite looking forward to that (obviously)… In truth it’s the return journey I’m slightly more worried about.