Is Biophilia a trend or important for our well being?

During a competitive interview recently, our prospective client stated that they remained to be convinced about Biophilia, believing it to be a trend. For some interior designers it is – or it will be.

At CPMG we promote interior design as the science of people in space and how a space enables them (or otherwise) to achieve their best: people-purpose-place. We cannot therefore, ignore the growing body of evidence which supports the benefits of Biophilic Design. There appears to be a general acceptance that we, as human beings, have an innate desire to be connected with nature: in his briefings onBiophilic Design, Oliver Heath, will first ask you to close your eyes and transport yourself to a place where you’d rather be. Overwhelmingly, these are natural environments and because we associate them with pleasure: being on holiday, in the garden, climbing a mountain, perhaps.