30 Years & Counting: Richard Flisher reflects on three decades with CPMG

Earlier this year, our managing director Richard Flisher celebrated an amazing 30 years since joining the business. Working with brilliant people on so many fascinating projects, Richard says, has made the experience an absolute pleasure. But where did it all begin? Richard joins us for our latest Q&A to reveal all.

Why did you choose Architecture and what has the journey been like at CPMG?

If it weren’t for influences when growing up in Bristol, then maybe I would have chosen a different route than architecture. On my way to school, my journey involved travelling past the newly completed Roman Catholic cathedral (Clifton Cathedral Church of Saints Peter and Paul), which really caught my eye. It’s not as iconic as Liverpool Cathedral, for example, but it stood out to me during my formative years, I made my own drawings of the cathedral and remember loving art class at school.

The cathedral was designed by Ronald Weeks, who I sought out and eventually ended up working with during the early stages of my post-university career.

I entered the industry as a trainee architect, like most others, and every new project has captured my attention and excitement ever since. Throughout my career I have been interested in travelling and fortunately being at CPMG has allowed me to do so in a professional capacity. I’ve recently returned from a trip to China to visit our team based in Hangzhou and view progress on site of our Inlong Narada Resort project in Jiangsu Province - Inlong means Dragon Valley in Mandarin.