From Kuwait to St Peter’s Gate: Celebrating Vic Clarke

He’s been far and wide, but there is no place quite like home. And for Vic Clarke, CPMG is home. Having recently celebrated his 80th birthday, we look back on how things have changed during Vic’s 15 years with us and why he is such a special member of the team.

What is your role at CPMG?

Since arriving in March 2007, I have carried out various roles around the office but my position has developed into premises manager. My duties are varied, but as the title suggests, I look after the day-to-day running of CPMG’s headquarters in Nottingham.

This includes a lot of bringing in contractors to do any building work or servicing, updating environmental records, arranging paper coming in or going out, printing, binding documents, buying and replacing supplies, decorating, supporting with IT set up, and last but not least, watering the plants.

The job has certainly changed over the years, but I still look forward to each and every day. And because my vocabulary doesn’t include the word no, I am always adding new responsibilities to my role. I simply treat the office like it’s my own home, taking pride in cleanliness and ensuring everyone feels welcome and catered for.