The architects of opportunity


For over thirty years, we’ve built a reputation for creating award-winning spaces. From our roots in Nottingham and offices in Birmingham, London, and China, we design buildings that prioritise human needs, support growing communities, and embrace sustainability and innovation.

Our values

Empathic architecture

Understanding your goals and ambitions is an integral part of how we do what we do. We take the time to listen, putting ourselves in your shoes to truly grasp what you need. Your objectives really are at the heart of all our designs. And for us, empathy is the foundation of every great partnership.

Functional creativity

We believe in creating buildings that are not only highly creative but also highly functional. It’s not enough for us to create something that simply looks great, we want it to work seamlessly in the real world too. So we always start by thinking about how you’ll use the space, then let our creativity flow.

Ethically considerate

Sustainability is ingrained in everything we do. From the structures we design to the way we conduct our business, we’re dedicated to making responsible choices. We choose to build responsibly for a sustainable future, and that means creating buildings that stand the test of time and leave a positive legacy.

Exceptional experiences

We’re committed to exceeding expectations, not just for our clients but also for each other. Whether it’s delivering exceptional service or supporting our team, we believe in pushing boundaries to achieve excellence. Going above and beyond isn’t just a value at CPMG, it’s part of who we are.

Landscape pencil sketch

Our Three Ps Philosophy

Our approach to architecture and interior design revolves around what we like to call The Three Ps: People, Purpose and Place. We design with people in mind, creating spaces that elevate lives, serve a clear purpose, and seamlessly fit with their surroundings. For us, it’s not just about buildings – it’s about creating meaningful, purpose-driven places that make a positive impact on
the world.