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More than just your typical architects, we’re CPMG. Since 1997, we’ve been crafting award-winning, iconic spaces that inspire, endure, and enhance lives.

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Learn how our journey has led to a legacy of excellence and innovation. Get to know the people behind the spaces we create. Our history, our values, our commitment – it’s all about making a difference.


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We design spaces that inspire, endure, and leave a lasting, positive impact on the people who use them. All while saving you money in the long run. 

We create spaces that reflect your unique style and enhance comfort. And we do this by seamlessly weaving functionality and aesthetics.

We harness cutting-edge technology to streamline the design, construction, and management of your projects. Discover the power of BIM.

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Forest School Nursery, University of Staffordshire

Now, we have a luxury assets base, befitting of its Mayfair location. Not only is it a destination for those seeking something special, but it has also become a desirable venue for special events and business networking gatherings. - Adam Pye, Managing Director at John Pye & Sons Ltd.


John Pye Luxury Assets, Old Bond Street, London

We are incredibly busy completing the Reception Centre, CPMG’s first project at Inlong, whilst also developing detailed designs for the spa centre and villas and pursuing other opportunities with Narada. - Amy Zhao, China Manager


Spa Centre & Villas, Inlong Narada Resort, Jiangsu Province, China

Building for a greener tomorrow

All our designs prioritise sustainability, saving you money and benefitting the environment. Find out how we’re making a positive impact through responsible architecture.

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